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Hi my name is Hugh Goble, and I live in Lidgetton, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. I live on a smallholding (homestead) with my wife and step-daughter. We moved here a year ago so that we can pursue the life we want to live. I'm mad about farming naturally, our daughter loves animals, and is really enjoying country life. And my wife? Well she's a city girl, and a woman in a million, she hates malls and shopping so she's settling in great.

I was born and brought up in a farming family in the province of KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) on the east coast of South Africa. I graduated with a degree in Agricultural Management from the University of KZN in 1980. After graduating I went farming on what we call a mixed farm - dairy, sheep, beef, some cropping, and some timber. Unfortunately, the farm was bigger than my wallet could afford so I had to give it up. I found a job as an Agricultural Economist and for the next 20 years I worked as an Administration Manager, Painting Contractor, Distribution Manager for a large poultry company, Financial Director of a clothing manufacturer, Farmer, software Sales, business software implementer, change management consultant, and, most recently, Project Leader on large software implementations.

At the same time, I've also been a partner in a poultry hatchery, helped farming friends with business plans and budgets, done some land use consulting, farmed, and I'm currently building my permaculture property from scratch. It's 80 acres (32ha) and used to form part of a large timber plantation.

I'm passionate about farming in harmony with nature and producing nutrient dense, ethically raised food. I've grown up, and educated, during the "chemical farming revolution", but I've come to realize that man is messing with nature. I've had cattle and sheep feedlots, and also farmed with confined chickens because "that's the way it's done". Nature is a closed system and messing with one small part of it leads to unintended consequences elsewhere. But, I've seen the light and I'm now a reformed scientific farmer.

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Soil is not dirt, it's one of Nature's miracles

Since the Great Depression the West has been driven by Keynesian Economics which is all about maximizing production and consumption. This has allowed humanity to develop more things in this period than ever before in history. But, it comes at great cost to our planet. It also means that we've been fooled into believing that the systems most people follow are our only options. I believe passionately that there are alternatives that are better for us, for our animals, and for our planet. I'm here to help turn our thinking upside down.

I've worked in both industry and agriculture for all of my life. I've made lots of mistakes, and I want to help you avoid making similar mistakes.

Enough about me, let’s go and make a difference together!


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